5 Tips for Taking Erectile Dysfunctions Medicine Effectively

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Tadalafil, Cialis, Viagra, and other medications are really effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). However, like any other prescribed medicine, there are some rules that should be followed in order to make these medications work effectively.
There are a lot of factors influencing the efficiency and effectiveness of sex drugs like Cialis and Tadalafil such as your mentality and your meals. Having a clear understanding of the best ways to take ED drugs increases the effectiveness of the drug and decreases the risk of side effects.

We have collected the top five tips that you should follow while taking ED drugs in order to get the best possible results.

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1. Take the Medication an Hour before Having Sex:

Most of the ED drugs take about 30 to 60 minutes to work. That is why it is recommended to take the medication an hour before sexual intercourse. Of course, during this hour your partner should be stimulating you to have sex. This is essential for the medication to start working and maintain a good erection for sexual intercourse.

For example, Cialis takes about 20 to 50 minutes to produce a noticeable effect and become completely active in your body. The time varies according to many factors such as the last meal you had and your rate of metabolism.
If you are going to use Tadalafil, you will notice the effect after about 30 to 40 minutes.

Please notice that taking the medication just before sex may leave you in an awkward position. Even if you spent the hour making out; you will still feel less confident while performing and confidence is required in sex.

It is simple. You and your partner should agree on having sex tonight and be prepared. Take the medication before reaching your home by an hour. That is how you are going to bring your confidence back.

2. Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal before Taking the Medication:

Heavy meals, especially meals containing high-fat content, make the absorption process of the ED drugs too slow. Your GIT system has to deal with the meal first. This prevents the drug from working properly even if you take it an hour before having sex.

If you are going to a romantic dinner, try to make the meal light. If you ate a heavy meal, wait about two hours before taking the drug. This way you will allow your digestive system to deal with the medication and absorb it properly.

Make it a rule; the day you are going to take your ED medication will not contain any heavy meals and you will eat two hours before having sex. Avoid burger, omelet, steak, and other fat-heavy dishes.
If you still need to have a heavy meal, it is better to have it at breakfast or lunch. Make sure that the meal will be properly digested and absorbed before taking the medication.
That is how you will allow your body to absorb the medication quicker and easier in order to work effectively.

3. It May Not Work the First Time; Relax:

You need to know that ED medications are available in many types and many doses. Some people take a drug for the first time and when it does not produce the desired effects, they think that the ED problem will not be ever solved.

You need to know that there are many reasons for ED. It can be physical and your body needs the medication to keep the penis erected during the intercourse. Also, it can be psychological. Things like stress, anxiety, and depression may have serious effects on your sexual performance.

Relax. If the effects are not noticeable the first time, the doctor will either increase the dose or change the type of the drug. The first time is a trial and it will work the second time.

Also, one of the rare situations is when the medication takes two or three times to work. During this time, your body is processing the drug and getting used to it. You will notice a strong effect after that.
Just keep using the drug and keep your doctor updated with the situation. It is recommended to try each type of medication 8 times before switching to another type. During these 8 times, you can adjust the dose to get the desired effects.

4. ED Drugs Interact with Other Medications:

Before taking ED medication, you have to check for its interaction with other drugs. If you taking certain drugs for health problems like heart problems and hypertension, tell your doctor. The doctor will either adjust the dose or find a way to take the medication without putting your condition in danger.

It is better to look for the safest drugs. Drugs like Tadalafil and Cialis don’t have many interactions. However, they still interact with the drugs used for the treatment of HIV, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

It also works both ways. Some drugs especially antiretroviral drugs prevent ED medications from working properly.

It is a must to tell your doctor about your medical history and drug-taking history in order to advise you with the possible risks and potential drug interactions.

5. Change Your Lifestyle:

ED drugs are great. However, it is still better to start changing your lifestyle in order to improve your sex life without even the need for any kind of medications.
Any kind of medications has side effects. Changing your lifestyle will allow you to have great sex without any medications.
Treat the problem. ED can be caused by a lot of problems such as hypertension, heart problems, obesity, depression, stress, and anxiety.

By treating the cause and following a healthy lifestyle, you will notice significant improvements. Start exercising, go to a gym, eat healthy foods, reduce your stress level, and search for the best tips to follow. That is how you are going to have an erection and sustain it. The ED drugs will be less necessary and you will gain your confidence back. After all, having great sex is one of the tensest pleasures.

• The Conclusion:

These are the tips, now the question is, what are the recommended drugs?
As we mentioned, Tadalafil and Cialis are among the top recommended drugs for treating ED.
You can read more about them.

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