Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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Spin Bikes

Many people are under the impression that workouts are very boring and painful. But however, this is only a misconception in people’s head. Workouts can be fun provided you are guided well enough. While you are working out several times during a week, to lose weight and get fit, you would want to know a routine that would provide you the maximum amount of result in the least possible time.

Here are 11 exercises that will be worth your while and give you the best possible results:


Any exercise that raises your heart rate is known as cardio exercise. It is a known fact that, if we want to keep our body in shape all we need to do is move our muscles. Movement makes our muscles stronger, which makes our body healthy and productive. A strong cardiovascular system means that your capillaries are supplying more oxygen to your muscles. This helps your cells to burn more fat than usual both during exercise and immobility. There are many forms of cardio such as swimming, walking, cycling, running, stair climbing, etc. For example, let’s say if you’re a walker and you normally exercise for about 30 minutes; attempt to add a little burst of jogging for about 30 seconds every 5 minutes. Later on, you could increase the length of the interval to a minute and at the same time; try to decrease the walking with shoes to about 4 minutes. If you want a metabolism boost, make sure that the interval segment leaves you breathing hard.

Spin Bikes

Spinning is the new thrilling way to lose weight. One can burn hundreds of calories in just a single workout. And the greatest part about spinning is that you don’t need to join a fitness center to do so. You could simply buy an inexpensive indoor bicycle for your office or home. One can simply combine the bike with some bodyweight exercises to make it more exhilarating. One of the most popular forms of indoor exercise is a spinning bike that provides a low impact and high-intensity cardiovascular workout which builds both endurance as well as strength.

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Jumping Rop

A simple yet cost-effective way to include high-intensity interval training in your workout regime is by getting a jump rope. If done in a right manner, jumping rope can boost up one’s cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and alertness. By doing single jumps for 1-2 minutes you’ll be able to feel the burn while you burn away some calories.

Running the stairs

Running the stairs is an excellent option for an interval workout which does not need much time or any gear. Stair running gives a cardiovascular benefit that is very much similar to running and is a good way to build up a power sprint.


Burpees are making a huge comeback lately. This hard, yet simple exercise works out the whole body and cardiovascular system rather quickly. Simply begin this workout by standing tall and then squat down and rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Next, swiftly kick your feet back into a push-up pose. When you are in this position, you could carry out a push-up if you want which is a really tough exercise or you could simply jump your feet back to the starting position altogether. Lastly, jump high up in the air and go over gain.

Shuttle Sprints

Shuttle sprints are basically speeding drill and standard agility exercises that are used by athletes who play stop and go sports like basketball, soccer, tennis and hockey. To perform a shuttle sprint one has to simply arrange two markers which would be about 25 yards apart from each other. The sprint from one maker to the other marker and back to the first marker. This is one repetition. Initially try to do 10 sprints at a time. You could also do shuttle sprints side to side, forward and backward or forward.

Truck Jumps

Truck jumps are basically simple drills that improve one’s power and agility. One should commence with your feet shoulder width and simultaneously knees slightly bent down. Next, squat down and then strongly jump straight up while bringing your knees towards your chest while in midair. Try and land lightly on your feet, sink down to take in the impact and then repeat.

Pull ups

To perform this exercise you will need some basic equipment or you will have to need to use your creativeness and find a playground or search for a strong low lying branch of a tree to execute it. This workout is a great way to build up your upper body strength.

Push ups

This exercise is fairly easy and does not require any kind of equipment. This workout is good for building up your core strength and your upper body. When this exercise is carried out slowly it uses the muscles in the chest, back, hips, triceps, shoulder and abs.

Walking Lunge with weight

Walking lunges will help you to develop strength, balance and endurance. This is one kind of exercise that has incredible benefits for almost every individual. If you feel a little bit awkward holding a weight overhead while carrying out a walking lunge, simply begin with holding an empty barbell or a broomstick until you feel at ease with your movement.

V-sit abdominal exercise

You can finish up your workout regime within a minute or two of abs workout and you can call it good. This is a tough core exercise that engages the external obliques, rectus abdominis as well as internal obliques. This workout also keeps your hip flexors engaged.

Following this routine will not only keep you in shape but will also increase your stamina.

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