The Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse

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Drug addiction has been around forever, and there have been many drugs that have surfaced, spawning addiction along the way, but none have been as deadly, potent, widespread, and easily accessible as that of prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse has literally become an epidemic, especially among young adults and teens. However, it can be treated effectively at a drug treatment program in Santa Barbara.

Prescription pain pills like Vicodin are basically the same thing as doing street heroin. An average person would not do heroin, but these same people will take prescription pain pills as they are prescribed medications and considered safer. In reality, they could be equally hazardous and addictive as taking illegal drugs.

Prescription medications are good under the right medical supervision, and when they are taken by the person, they were prescribed for and as directed. Very often, people start to abuse prescription drugs when other family members have been prescribed some of these drugs, taken a few of them, and then added them to the collection of other medications. This is an invitation for trouble and the beginning of drug abuse as more and more young people are getting high right out of these seemingly safe collections.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The US Drug Enforcement Administration puts a good number of prescription medications in the same class as cocaine or heroin, such as Xanax, Percocet, and Adderall, among a few others. It is even easier to overdose on prescription drugs than street drugs. This is because they are actually more potent. More people are using these drugs other than what they were prescribed for, and this is where the biggest problem is coming from. It is easier to grab a prescription drug to deal with everyday stresses. There are medications usually lying around the house that can calm you down, make you sleep, give you energy, and that work better than an aspirin. This is why most people abuse prescription drugs.

This is the main reason that millions of people have started to abuse prescription drugs, and this is also why there is a prescription pill abuse epidemic going on. Sadly, there is no end in sight, and this is mainly because the pills are so easily accessed. This epidemic is not partial to any class of people as we have seen the fatal toll prescription pill abuse has taken on celebrities like Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, and Heath Ledger.

Prescription drug abuse affects the brain. When prescribed pills are abused, the chemistry of the brain is completely altered, and it becomes unable to produce the necessary chemicals that it needs, like endorphins and dopamine. As a result, the brain can no longer produce what it should, and it has to get what it needs from prescription drugs. Another big concern is interactions and side effects. The abuse of prescription drugs is not new, but the epidemic proportions are. Thus, it is advised that e should not take this issue in a light manner. If you or someone else in your circle is committing this abuse, convince them to join a rehab center.

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