Meditation and Running, A Perfect Blend to Cure Depression

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The benefits of meditation and running are not unknown to anybody, however, blending both of these can result in achieving optimum results for health especially curing depression.

What is depression?

Here, it is very important to understand the basic definition of depression. It can be defined as an inability of a person’s mind to stop focusing on certain thoughts or unpleasant memories that are linked to past. Such a thinking pattern, according to researchers, involves two major parts of the brain i.e. prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. The first one deals with controlling focus while the latter manages memory. According to the conducted researches, it has been identified that people suffering with severe depression tend to have smaller hippocampus as compared to those who are not suffering from depression.

Stay happy

The first rule towards cure of any disease is to be happy. Unlike intaking anti-depressions, running never arrives with comedown. According to the recent research, running boosts level of tryptophan amongst individuals who run regularly. The increase in tryptophan level is linked with increased level of neurotransmitter serotonin which results in elevated mood. It is always advisable to regularly run and follow some tips to make most out of it. Always be hydrated, be prepared, eat healthy and wear comfortable clothes such as track suit and t-shirt. Adopting running as a lifestyle can get you out of depression forever.

How does meditation help to cure depression?

Meditation enables our brain to develop and transform new neurons to a mature level in the hippocampus part of the brain. It helps to banish unpleasant and disturbing memories from the brain which later results in curing depression. Individuals who perform meditation on regular basis are likely to recover from depression more quickly due to formation of new brain cells than those who do not.


Aerobic exercise and depression

According to the animal studies, it has been proven that aerobic exercise such as running gives boost to the production of new brain cells. This results in increasing immunity to fight with depression by reducing stress level, reducing anxiety, and to overcome mood disorders. Also, running outdoor helps you to have a stronger connection with nature which actually becomes the reason to cure depression. There is no bigger cure than the nature.


Combination of meditation and running

As discussed above, mediation and running both have tremendous benefits especially for those who are under severe depression. However, a blend of both can do a marvelous job. So, it is preferable to start your day with a meditation and then go for running. The meditation will help you to forgo your unpleasant memories by nourishing hippocampus whereas running can do wonders with enhancing focus by fostering your prefrontal cortex. Moreover, meditation makes running more tolerable and doable. As meditation helps to have mindful breathing, it encourages our body to perform better while running, which eventually makes the activity more beneficial. A combination of these two can be the best cure and soon you will be feeling much better and can have a happy life again without even relying on anti-depressant medicines.

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