All You Need To Know Regarding Escape Rooms in Canada

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Escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary have turned out to be a well-known activity for youth groups, families, as well as business colleagues. The concept is quite simple here: you are going to be locked inside a themed room, and riddles have to be solved so as to undo the locks.

As many as 3 different types of escape entertainment are being offered by Escapehour at present, namely, Battle, Action, and Original Escape.

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The Original Escape rooms are concerned with adventure games. The team of yours is going to be locked inside a theme comprising a couple of rooms along with concealed transitions. It will be required for you to solve various puzzles with the help of the other members of your team. You will surely receive the assistance of the game masters who will make sure that you get total satisfaction.

You will come across 3 Original Escape rooms, namely, 5 Elements, The Matrix, as well as Catch Me If You Can.

The Matrix locker room is going to be applauded by everybody including the followers of the movie as well as individuals who love solving high-tech riddles. “In case we are in the Matrix, Humankind will be losing. At present, we are simply batteries for all the machines created by them.” This truth must be known to mankind.

The 5 Elements room has been dedicated to yet another famous movie. Here, a large number of remarkable tasks will be available to you that you need to solve with the results that might surprise you in the long run. This might make you wonder how it was possible for you to accomplish this. Our planet is going to be attacked by Absolute evil. As a matter of fact, we do not have any weapon to stop it. Is it possible for you to save our planet within one hour?

Escape Hour

In the Catch Me If You Can quest room, it will be required for you to open a scary bank vault having special instruments, and you need to escape from the bank as quickly as possible.

The Battle locker rooms are going to encourage competition. We have 2 in Escape Hour Edmonton, namely, the Tron theme as well as Senator’s Battle.

Teams will be pitted against one another in Senator’s Battle by enabling you to see the progress made by your opponent. In the other room, it will be possible for you to replay since different rooms will be experienced by the teams at Escape Hour.

Lastly, Action is a particular escape room format that you will not be able to come across anywhere else. The escape games right here involve large rooms along with physical training. You will be living 5 different lives, namely, a businessman, a Cosmonaut, a ninja, a nuclear researcher, and a pop star.

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