Are You New to Boxing? Get These Essential Things to Protect Yourself!

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Are you planning to start boxing? Then do consider this essential equipment which serves the purpose to protect you from serious harm that can injure you while boxing. Before you step in the ring, you must be wearing this boxing gear.

Boxing gloves

The first thing that comes in mind about boxing is boxing gloves. The main purpose of wearing boxing gloves is to protect your hand bones while punching and they give a cushion to your hands to provide a firm support. There are different types of boxing gloves that are available in market. There is one which is like typical boxing gloves having a thick set of gloves. The other one is designed especially for mixed martial art fighters and they have cuts in the fingertips area. Both of the gloves are used for the purpose of fighting and protecting the hitting action from the opponent.

boxing headgear


Well, let me clear you that head protection is not allowed in the professional boxing, but as you are new so you must wear headgear to ensure protection. As you would be learning a lot of things at the same time, it would be hard if you do not wear head protection. Brain is the most important part of the body and if you are new, you would definitely be unaware of protecting your head from the opponent’s attack, so it’s better to use headgear. With the passage of time, you will learn various techniques of attacking the opponent and protecting yourself against attacks, you can stop using headgear.

boxing mouth guard


As boxing is very much about punching, a single hard punch can break your all teeth. So better be wearing mouthguard to protect very precious thing of yours. Other than just giving a strong protection against the punch, mouth guard also protects your tongue that can be bitten by the teeth when the punch comes on the face. Furthermore, it helps to stop the grinding of the teeth during this extensive activity. Mouthguard is placed inside the mouth, however, sometimes a harder punch can make this fly out of the mouth.

boxing hand wraps

Hand Wraps

Hands are as important to a boxer as legs are to an athlete runner. So, the protection of hands is also very important in boxing. Although boxing gloves can do this job well, but hand wraps are important to protect wrist and hand bones. Hand wraps are made up of an elastic material which offer a tight and firm support to your hand and wrist while punching. So, it is advisable to always use hand wraps especially if you are new to boxing.

Groin protector

Although it is against the rules of boxing to hit the opponent below the belt area, no wonders there can be accidents. This piece of protection offers a great shield against hard punches from the opponent’s end. Being a beginner, you will take some time to work on reflexes but what if someone tries to punch you and before that you move in a wrong way and it hits your area below the belt. Such accidents may happen unintentionally and you would have to pay its cost if you are not wearing groin protector.


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