We have highly customized system for maintenance of the privacy of every person connecting with www.usfitnesspros.com. The aim of helping people for improved health is further advanced by reserving the information of visitors and make navigation and utilization of information easier for the visitors.

To keep our visitors satisfied about the security of their information, here is the outline of our privacy policy. Suggestions and ideas for correction are highly appreciated for our improved services.

Strict Coding for Personal Information

The information of our visitors reaches us in two forms. The identifiable information is the one which the visitors submit voluntarily. The unidentifiable information is general information reached to maintain site statistics. Strict coding for the security and approach of identifiable and unidentifiable information ensures safe navigation on the website.

Subscription Policy

The subscriber details are protected by asking for confirmation. In order to prevent our visitors from the agitation of spamming, we also provide a link for unsubscribing to our services. The information of subscribers is highly protected by limiting it to inaccessible database. The notifications and usfitnesspros.com updates and offers are sent to the subscribers only.

Information Use Restriction

All kinds of information of the visitors and companies are restricted to legal and authorized utilization of usfitnesspros.com. The information is never sold out or viewed by anyone else than the custom usfitnesspros.com authorities. Furthermore, the system is highly protected to limit the information in a few hands only.

Third Party Linking

usfitnesspros.com has been affiliated with several other websites for making product access convenient for the visitors and customers. But usfitnesspros.com is, in no way, responsible for the privacy policy of those websites. The visitors and customers are suggested to follow the privacy policies of those companies before entering their information or buying their products.


In order to track the navigation of visitors and the keywords they used, usfitnesspros.com may place very small but completely harmless cookies on their hard drive. These cookies also help us to track your purchases from other websites.

Affiliate Compensation Policy

The website owner of USFitnessPros.com will get compensated in form of commission from every sale generate through the links on review pages. When you purchase anything from the links on this website, the owners of USFitnessPros.com gets commission from every sale.

Changes in Policy

usfitnesspros.com withholds the authority of changing the privacy policy regardless of informing the visitors. The visitors are requested to check the privacy policy page regularly for updated information.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By using the website, the visitors accept the term and conditions of our privacy policy.

How to Contact usfitnesspros.com

Our representatives can be contacted via Contact Us link for queries, ideas, suggestions and other activities.