How to save weight after a cycle – UK top athletes experience

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Many people in UK who are taking anabolics and steroids face the question of how to maintain the acquired muscle mass and strength after completing the course. For those who have used anabolics for muscle growth, it will not be a discovery that the pounds gained tend to go away in the shortest time possible, in some cases athletes lose even more than they did before the steroid course. Each “newcomer” in UK eventually experiences some unpleasant consequences, such as a loss of gained weight, a decrease in strength to baseline, accumulation of fat deposits and a number of negative side effects associated with an excess of female oestrogen hormones. This is due to various physiological factors, which deviate from the norm, as a result of sharp changes in blood hormone levels, during and after the end of taking synthetic hormones. This setting of circumstances leads to the so-called phenomenon of kickback, i.e. the loss of results obtained from the consumption of AAS.

There are people who have heard about post-course therapy (PCT), but try not to take it into account, still enthusiastically take anabolic steroids, feeling large and strong during the course, and after a weak and depressed. In particular, they explain their defeat by the poor quality of the drug and various mythological facts, as long as it is not spent on PCT.

This article was written for those people who are going to order anabolics and use them, taking into account all factors influencing the growth of results and their preservation. We recommend that you read the following carefully in order to achieve maximum results with minimal risk of unwanted outcome, then you can buy Deca 300.

Each novice “chemist” should clearly understand that highly androgenic steroids are prone to conversion to estrogen (aromatase). Ultimately, oestrogen is overabundant, leading to the development of some female genital secondary features such as: gynecomastia, accumulation of fat and water retention. By the way, androgenic active steroids have a greater influence on the production of gonadotropins, which is secreted by Leading cells in the testicles, as a result of contact with androgen-receptors located in the pituitary and hypothalamus, the body takes synthetic androgene as its native. As a result, testosterone levels drop markedly, suppressing the work of the testicles in the flesh until their temporary atrophy.

What’s the solution?

To minimize the phenomenon of kickback and exclude other side effects, it is necessary to quickly eliminate provoking factors, i.e. to normalize the hormonal background, to increase the production of natural testosterone and reduce estrogen activity. Each use of anabolic steroids should be well planned. There must be a proper choice of sports nutrition and nutrition in general. But the most important part is the intake of aromatase inhibitors, anti-estrogen and endogenous testosterone synthesis stimulants.

On the course, and after the steroid course, it is recommended to use Gonadotropin and/or Tribulus. These drugs are able to normalize levels of gonadotropin hormones and testosterone in the body, which will eliminate weight loss and strength after the course.

As mentioned earlier, androgenously active hormones are able to retain fluid, usually a percentage of fluid is assigned to a quarter of the accumulated mass. Saving water in the muscles is almost impossible, but the use of flavorings inhibitors, such as Anastrozol, will eliminate the effect of water retention in the tissues and the accumulation of fat, which will give the gain weight drier and more relief.

There are also the safest anabolics, which exclude negative effects on the body. They are less effective than androgens, but can develop more natural results, which will stay with you for a long time without resorting to auxiliary substances.


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