Six Activities To Burn The Fat

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We know it; losing weight can be challenging. 

And while the old age concept of “workout and eat healthy” still works, the idea that you have to cut back on what you eat and exercise can seem excessive.  

But there’s more to losing weight than just exercising and cutting back the calories. There are methods within that approach that can simplify your weight loss goals. 

So whether you’re trimming down to get healthy or feel like flashing your summer body, we have six of the best activities to help you burn the fat. 


How To Burn The Fat Fast

Burn The Fat

1- Start Strength Training 

There is the old idea that hard, intense cardio is the best way to lose weight. That’s not entirely true. Strength training, which is the classic approach that builds muscle mass and increases strength, can have profound and positive effects on your weight. 

As you workout, you’re essentially turning the fat into your muscle while feeling stronger and fitter than before. Studies have shown that it can help with resting energy expenditure and reduce belly fat. 

But if you were to mix it with cardio exercises – either before/after a run or in the form of HIIT sessions – you’ll burn more weight than expected. It’s a quicker way to get better results, faster. 

2- Increase Your Cardio 

We touched on it above, and we’ll say it again: cardio is one of the most effective ways to losing weight, but also getting fitter, healthier, and reducing the risks of heart problems. 

If you wish to slim down, then increasing your cardio is a crucial aspect of your training regimen. However, you don’t always have to knuckle down and go for the intense run session. 

Other avenues can help increase your cardio, such as jogging, walking, hiking, cycling, and swimming. Each exercises the aerobic side of your body, helping you burn the fat while improving your breathing, lungs and blood flow. 

3- Get Involved in Sports  

Maybe now is not the time to be involved in sports activities, but you should definitely join a team or league for some interactive gameplay when the time is right.

Here’s why: 

  • Intense sports activities help break up your routine and are great for losing weight
  • As you play more, you get fitter, and you’ll shred more pounds 
  • It helps motivate you to keep fit and lose weight, as you’re part of a team
  • It’s fun! Exercising alone is great, but being part of a team or joining a league will help you socialize and make new friends

There are many friendly sports out there that can be played, such as soccer, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and flag football. 

4- Classes, Classes, Classes. 

Spin, boxing, Crossfit, boot camp, HITT, personal trainer sessions – the list goes on and on when it comes to fitness classes that can help you lose weight. These classes are designed to be intense, focused and short, making you sweat excessively, burning all the calories you’ve accumulated. 

Burn The Fat

The best thing is the dynamic factor that comes with these exercises; they’re different from your everyday workout or cardio routine. This level of dynamism supercharges your heart rate, and being a new, tiring exercise, works more effectively to burn your weight. 

When the time is right, you should aim for two classes a week to break up your routine. If you’re uncomfortable going to a class right now, then there are online sessions that you can do at home. 

5- Hit The Trail 

Nothing helps the brain and body more than a dose of fresh air. So heading outside for some exercise can do the trick, particularly hiking.

Whether you’re doing a small trail around your area or scaling one of the Rocky Mountains, the combination of outdoor exercise, intense hiking and fresh air is a positive way to help you get fit and lose weight. 

6- Bend it at Yoga! 

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: yoga isn’t the ideal workout for weight loss. But it can be the perfect partner to help you get stronger and fitter, so you last longer while exercising, so you can lose more weight. 

Yoga, be it Bikram (in the heat) or yin (slow movements with long holding positions), helps keep you flexible, strengthens your core and back, and promotes your balance. In the long term, that means it can help you maintain longer exercise sessions and help with your mental health. 

If you can’t do it in the studio, you can always do it at home, as there are plenty of online classes available for you.

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