Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Inside View of Mike Geary’s Program for Six Packs

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truthabtTruth About Six Pack Abs is an information based 150+ page electronic book that deals with reducing body fat, developing and maintaining healthy and muscular midsection and enhancing inner strength and power. Created by Mike Geary, it is a diet and workout program that aims to develop a rock-hard six pack midsection maintaining appealing manly look.

The Truth About Abs Program not only provides the methods and techniques of reducing belly fat and gaining muscular abdomen but also helps in understanding abdominal activity and effects of metabolism and oxygen stocking on muscles. This e-book can be followed by the users in 3 steps.

  1. It provides description about the abdominal activity so that the users can understand other six pack abs programs and compare them with their abdominal and metabolic activity.
  2. In the second step, it provides meal plans to help transform belly fat into a flat tummy.
  3. In the third step, it provides exercise and workout plan required to follow for 30 to 60 minutes every day. The length of duration depends upon the desired muscles. The main manual contains about 20 exercises.

It also exposes some six pack abs myths about;

  • Counter effects of supplements and medicines
  • Effects of postures on midsection and stomach
  • Consumption of fatty diets
  • Effects of meal times on body fat

Mike Geary Review

A certified in nutrition and personal training, Mike Geary is a well-known name in the field of physical health and nutrition. Mike is also a regular column and article writer in a few national and international physical health and nutrition magazines. He has developed a model-like six packed midsection and has revealed his secrets of developing six pack abs in his e-book namely Truth About Six Pack Abs.

The Bonuses You Get

  1. Kim Lyons 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss (DVD and Membership)
  2. M-Power Fast-Fitness (4 Audios)
  3. 8-Week BW-DB Fusion Workout

The Negatives in Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

  • This program does not provide any method of calculating the ideal nutrition ratio for a specific type of body.
  • It not work on personal approach i.e. it might affect one type of body and might not affect the other type.


The Positives in Truth About Abs Review

  • This diet plan does not include those conventional good or bad carbohydrate descriptions and calorie count methods. It is simply a balanced diet plan in which the user can also consume fast foods once in a week.
  • This program does not use those hyperbolic and gimmicky tactics of advertising and marketing. It simply tells what it actually is.
  • Truth About Six Pack Abs comes with very lucrative 2 bonuses; 5 foods that kill fat and insider secrets for a lean body here is another fitness program about Unlock Hip Flexors by Mike Westerdals.

Is It Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam?

Mike Geary’s name is itself a stamp of credibility on this product. This product is equally effective on the fat and lean bodies. This system provides separate exercises for melting fat and building muscles. So those users who are lean can focus on the intensive muscle building exercises only. And for the skeptic users, Mike has come up with a 60 day 100% money refund offer. This product is built in a system which would never let any penny of you go waste. Investing in this legit system is not at all a big deal.

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