You’ve Got the Time. Online Yoga Classes from Glo have the Stretch

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A New World of Yoga Practice

“You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé,” goes the Pinterest quote, but time management is still a struggle for many of us. From endless notifications to constant social or work demands, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. So where do we find calm in the chaos? Online yoga classes may offer a way to bring balance and peace back into our lives. They are convenient to schedule and fit all levels of the yogic experience. They can also be used on any device from smartphones to TVs. Yoga can truly be taken anywhere.

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Yoga stems from ancient times in India. It is a series of postures, exercises, and breathing techniques designed to relax the senses and energize the spirit. Yoga may date from antiquity, but these philosophies also apply to modern life. There is definitely a worldwide need to slow ourselves down. Articles in publications like The New York Times cry for the importance of taking a break. Online yoga classes can meet this demand and are great for everyone.

Online Yoga Classes to Fit Every Lifestyle

Glo is a portal for online yoga classes, Pilates, and guided meditation (both audio and visual). It’s a community of learners who are anchoring themselves in dedicated yoga practice, and then taking those techniques with them when they leave the mat. Portable technology and distance sharing create a community between the instructor and student or students.

Glo proudly has a manifesto. The company believes in a world where everyone, regardless of background, can reach their full potential. To achieve this goal, Glo provides tools in the form of classes and meditations that can help people live better lives. For Glo, according to their manifesto, yoga isn’t just something that happens on a mat, it has the power to infuse our daily lives with mindfulness and intention.

Glo has been proud to support Yoga Gives Back, which is a charity working to alleviate rural poverty in India.

Glo Has Great Praise

In September 2018, Self magazine stated that Glo rivals in-person yoga classes for quality and authenticity. It’s also much cheaper than those offered at a regular studio: Glo hovers at just $18 a month, which includes access to everything the app has to offer. The self magazine also raved about how easy it is to filter for the classes and instructors you want.

It’s not just Self magazine that’s glowing about Glo. Glo has received favorable press from outlets like Goop, which recommends it for people who are on a tight budget but still want that hip yoga-studio feeling. Yoga superstar Jessamyn Stanley referenced Glo (then YogaGlo) in an interview with Forbes. She said that Glo introduced her to Vinyasa, which is a type of yoga practice.

It’s clear from this press coverage and the multiple rave reviews the app has received that Glo’s online yoga classes are truly making an impact. Whether someone is new to yoga or wanting to brush up on the basics, Glo welcomes them in.

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