Giving Your Loved One Personal Space While Keeping Them Safe

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It is common that the roles between parents and children swap from one to the other after our parents reach a certain age. They may not have the same physical and cognitive abilities they once had and we find ourselves overprotecting them the way they once did us. Of course, as adults, we don’t want anyone hovers over us and telling us what to do and not to do, especially if your child is the one doing it. A combination of fear and frustration can overcome our elderly loved ones. They may know they are slipping and need help but don’t want to admit it. They may also not be mentally capable of knowing the changes that are happening to their health and feel as though everything is fine and don’t know why they are being treated like they can’t do it on their own. The good news is there are plenty of durable medical supplies on the market that can help to keep them safe, allowing them to give them the personal space they desire.

Simple Home Renovations

You can make some easy adjustments to their home or yours, if they live with you, to reduce the risk of falls and injuries. The best addition to your home you can invest in would be handrails and grab bars. If there are stairs within or outside of your home, be sure to add a handrail to aid in keeping their balance. In the bathroom, be sure to add grab bars in the shower or bathtub, and add a shower bench or chair to make transferring in and out of the shower seamless and to drastically reduce the risk of a slip and fall while bathing. Learn more about it here.

Sound Sleep

Another way to keep them safe and to keep your mind at ease is to install an adult bed rail to their bed to ensure they do not roll out in the middle of the night and get hurt. In addition to preventing falls, they help those who are not very mobile to be able to adjust their position in bed and assist them with getting in and out of bed. The options are endless in keeping you worry free and keeping your parents as independent as possible.

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