How to Stay Sober at School

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For those having to return to college after their stay at a Florida sober living home, this can prove to serve up a whole new plate of challenges.

In order to ensure that you create a strong foundation for your sobriety that will allow you to stay sober at school without giving into the numerous temptations, it is important to make a plan and to prepare yourself. After all, returning to school without a plan on how to remain sober would be like showing up to class for a test that you hadn’t even studied for.

You can rest assured that you will not be the only student in recovery who has stayed at a halfway house in Florida before. These helpful tips from rehab will make sure that you get through the rest of college without relapsing or sacrificing your social life.

Find the campus recovery center. Most schools nowadays have them, and they come fully equipped with a calendar full of sober activities, meeting rooms, and at some schools, a whole dorm reserved for students in recovery. Scope out where these resources are first and use them as your fallback for when the pressure seems to get the best of you. On top of that, remember that you can always opt for an opiate withdrawal timeline without any extra support as well.

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Find new friends and stay away from toxic crowds. Surrounding yourself with the people that you used to hang out with before you entered into your Florida sober living home will only tempt you to go right back to that old lifestyle. By finding new sober friends, you set yourself up with a stable source of support who understands the struggle you are going through. After all, they have been in your shoes as well.

Find a local drug addiction counselor before you need one. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to find a drug addiction counselor ( Especially if your college is in a town that is different from where your halfway house in Florida was, the last thing that you want is to feel like you have nowhere to go to for help if you start to feel the pressure of college life. Find a drug addiction counselor first, establish a relationship with them, and make sure you have their number on hand in case you need a professional to turn to.

Find new goals in life. Chances are, before you entered into a Florida sober living home, your goals (if you had any) were slightly different than they are now. Now that you are sober and finally back in school, take advantage of the second opportunity to set new goals for yourself. After all, even if you do not know what you want, at school you are equipped with the resources to find out. Take different classes, join new clubs, and explore all that your college has to offer in order to figure out what you want.

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