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Dr. Kent Johnson has been practicing his profession as a general surgeon for more than 25 years. He is currently based in The Woodlands, Texas, and he completed his training in general surgery in Houston, Texas back in 1993. He specializes in surgical procedures, including vein treatments, using the latest technology. According to the vein doc, many people across the country are experiencing vein diseases, and one should immediately go to the doctor to ask for treatment if they noticed the symptoms coming out. Venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins are the most common vein diseases affecting millions of Americans.

Venous insufficiency is a serious vein disease that should be treated immediately. The symptoms include swelling, itching, and aching pain on the leg which becomes worse at night, heaviness or fatigue, and throbbing veins, among others. When left untreated, patients who are experiencing the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency would notice the development of severe effects. This includes the change of coloration in the lower legs, and it would slowly damage the skin. Bleeding and bruising could happen easily if the legs are left untreated. The worst case scenario would be having a disability to walk because of the injuries sustained on the legs.

Varicose veins and spider veins are other types of vein diseases. These produce swollen and bulgy veins or web-like veins that are bluish in color. There are many factors that affect how varicose veins show up, and treatment should be provided immediately to avoid further complications. Varicose veins and spider veins are less dangerous compared to venous insufficiency, as doctors are treating it as a cosmetic concern. However, the condition should still be corrected because it might result in other health problems in the future. Dr. Kent Johnson specializes in the treatment of vein diseases, and through the Metro Vein Centers, he could provide an affordable way to treat the condition.

Dr. Kent Johnson stated that people should take note if they are starting to feel the symptoms associated with vein diseases. People who commonly experience swelling in the leg and ankle area are most likely to develop a vein disease. This swelling could translate to pain especially when raising the legs. Leg cramps could also happen, along with a throbbing pain on the area affected. The legs can also feel itchy or heavy, and the thickening of the skin in the leg area could also become more noticeable. The feeling of tightness in the calf area and the appearance of ulcers could also be an indication that you are already developing a vein disease.

The primary causes for vein diseases are not yet fully understood by science, but there are risk factors that act as a red flag when pertaining to the disease. People who are older are more likely to develop the disease because their body is no longer capable of controlling how the skin and the vein would look. Blood clots in the leg area can also be a risk factor. Obesity and pregnancy can also be a risk factor, because the body weight could no longer be supported by the legs, applying more pressure that could result in vein diseases. Smoking, which has a lot of bad effects on health, can also contribute to vein diseases. Longer periods of standing and sitting are also confirmed to be a risk factor for developing vein diseases.

Vein doc Kent Johnson can help you out with your vein disease. All you have to do is to set up an appointment with the Metro Vein Center in The Woodlands, Texas, and avail of their available treatment and medical procedures for vein diseases.

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