Self-Stress Therapy Stress-Control Exercises to Treat Acne

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Stress management does not require a professional counselor. You can also manage your own stress by treating yourself with the Self Stress Therapy. This therapy is a combination of a few guidelines, concepts and a few exercises which unitedly produce a stress free life.

Conceptual Therapy

This is the first stage of self-stress therapy in which you have to incorporate some concepts in your mind and frequently repeat these concepts.

Concept One

First of all, you need to learn and repeat that your stress is not going to benefit you at all. Elaborate this concept in terms of your stress source. A person might be stressed due to workplace issues, personal relationship issues, job transfer etc. Repeat it to yourself that your stress will not solve your problems at all, rather it would worsen your problems. Stay Calm and you will be able to deal with things in a much better way.

Concept Two

Believe in your power and have faith in your qualities. No matter what type of stress you are suffering from, have faith in yourself that you will overcome the problems with your qualities and skills. Repeat to yourself that no problem is greater than your power, determination and skills.

Concept Three

Repeat to yourself that stress is your foe, not a friend, and stress will only bring harm and more problems for you.


  1. Take at least 8 hours sleep at night. The ideal time is 9 P.M to 5 A.M.
  2. During stress or anxiety condition, take a deep breath, close your eyes and repeat ‘Calm Down! You Can Fight Stress! Calm Down!’.
  3. Eat a chocolate daily to fight stress. The latest research shows that dark chocolate triggers the action of happiness hormones and takes the person in a state of ecstasy. Dark chocolate is a perfect substitute of stress control pills.
  4. Breathe correctly. Deep breathing is always better than quick breathing for stress. Always breathe by filling in your diaphragm rather than the lungs. A few breathing exercises will be given in the next section of Self Stress Therapy.
  5. Believe in the power of meditation. Meditation generates an interlinking of your soul with your brain and body and empowers you with the natural strength and self-belief. For meditation, the best practice is to sit in the open air just after dawn. It would be better if the area is filled with green plants. Open your arms and think of nature showering its golden glow on your body and soul. Take deep breaths and feel the essence of nature. You will find significant changes after the first meditation.
  6. Meditation is also done by mantra. You sit in a similar position described above and repeat a single word to yourself for example ‘hmmmm’, ‘haaaaa’ etc.

  7. Write at least 15 to 20 lines daily. If you have time, then write for 15 to 20 minutes. Spit all your tensions out on the paper, tear the paper after writing and feel the joy of being light.
  8. Don’t suppress your feelings. The feelings of a human are like a volcano which erupt if not excreted frequently. If you want to cry, come’on, cry then! It is perfectly natural! Every human cry. If you want to laugh out loud, go ahead.

Stress Control Exercises

Without going into the details of importance of exercise for stress, let’s develop a clear statement in our minds that ‘80% stress can be reduced through exercising’.

  1. Breathing Exercise:Sit on a floor with a straight back and head tilted a little upward. Start taking a deep breath and count from 1 to 6. Stop inhaling at 6th count, fill the air in your diaphragm and count from 1 to 3. Now exhale the breath slowly and count from 1 to 8.
  2. Breathing Exercise: Dragon’s Breathe: Start filling your diaphragm with air through nose until you count till number 6. Now count 1 to 3 and exhale the air very quickly from your mouth. Role your mouth while exhaling the air.
  3. Yoga:Sit down in a comfortable position. It would be better to sit on a floor or in a garden, however, it is not a liability at all. Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger and keep the remaining fingers in relax and open state. Breathe deeply as described in the breathing exercises. Repeat 5 breathes every 12 hours.
  4. Muscle Relaxation Exercise Sit in a comfortable place. Tighten your feet and count till 10. Now release the pressure on the feet and take the feet to the most relaxed state. Again count till 10. Meanwhile, continue deep Dragon breathing. Continue the exercises with all the body parts.

Exceptional Stress Cases

Stress of Perfection

Many people around the world want to become Mr. Perfect. However, one should always learn that there has always been some part of the puzzle missing. Perfection should be a motivational force for struggle only. However, it should not overcome the senses of a person and make him stressed, Counseling is highly required in such a case.

Stress of Insecurity

Insecurity might arouse for anything. For looks, physical appearance, job opportunity, relationship, marriage or anything. A professional counseling is required in case of such a stress as the counseling depends on the source of insecurity. However, meditation, guidelines and exercises can help you manage your stress a lot in such a case.

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