Vaping and Losing Weight

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People get into vaping for various reasons. While some switch to vaping as a way of quitting smoking, others consider vaping classy and do it as a symbol of status. Recently, there is an increase in the number of people that turn to vaping as a means of cutting weight. The million-dollar question is “can vaping help you lose weight?” Vaping can actually be essential in losing weight. Many people have successfully adopted vaping as a weight-loss regime. There are a lot of resources online in regards to this topic.  Below are some of the ways by which vaping helps you shed off the extra fat.  For a site that is purely about purchasing juice, visit website.

Diet Suppressant

Smoking has been known for years to aid in weight loss. This is due to the nicotine contained in tobacco. Most of the vaping juices contain nicotine, a substance that is quite efficient in cutting down weight. Research indicates that nicotine achieves this through diet suppression. By inhaling the nicotine from the vaping juice, vapors are subjected to the diet suppressing effects of nicotine. Observing a healthy diet is crucial to achieving your weight loss goals. By suppressing your diet, nicotine makes it easy to stay true to your diet. You will therefore find it easy to minimize your caloric intake. This in turn helps you lose weight quite fast.

Increased Metabolism

Another way vaping assists with weight loss is by considerably raising the metabolic levels. Research also proves that nicotine increases thermogenesis, a process that uses a lot of body fat. The increased thermogenesis and metabolism as a result raises the body’s fat expenditure. A person that vapes therefore expends more fat than one that doesn’t. it is thus of great assistance to achieving one’s weight loss goals.


Reduced Insulin Secretion

A common effect of nicotine is that it reduces the secretion of hormone insulin. Insulin is responsible for the absorption of glucose from the blood by the cells to aid in the production of energy. Vapors that use vaping juice with nicotine content have reduced amounts of insulin in their system. Despite the low amounts of insulin, the body’s energy needs remain the same. To cater for these energy needs, the body has to come up with a way of getting more energy sources. The cells raise their use of body fat in the production of energy. This increases the expenditure of fat, thus helping in losing weight.

Increased Heart Rate

Although an increase in heart rate is not good for your health, it can actually help with weight loss by increasing the body’s need of energy. Vaping has narrowing effects on the blood vessels. For blood to be pumped through these narrowed vessels, the heart has to work extra hard. This is the reason most vapors experience increased heart rates. To supply the energy required for the heart to push blood through these vessels, the cells use more calories. This consequentially yields weight loss.

To lose weight loss by vaping, one needs to be creative with their schedule. Vaping several hours before exercising helps keep you in shape for maximum performance. Vaping on the days you do not work out keeps your fat expenditure at the required levels.

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